Thursday, 21 June 2007

My Kitchen Garden: Volume 2

I've been checking on my little darlings at least a few times a day. I thought it was all in vain until last night I saw a glimmer of white sprout - and this morning there was quite the show! The basil turns out to be a little precocious, sprouting on day 3, no less. Still no sign of the parsley or the coriander - maybe they're feeling shy.


Genevieve said...

ashers little garden did practically the same thing - basil is hard out, parsely took ages - also sweet peas are hard out - but now they have aphids :(

frances said...

ahem...sweet peas are 8 inches high!

sadly though the rabbits have eaten all the new herb plants.....not a problem in NYCity I imagine.

pia said...

olivia picked two strawberries yesterday...that makes 5 in total!

BOOMY said...

Oooh, My sweet peas have stopped growing at about 5 inches :( - and its really only a single sweet pea... but I blame the aphids.
The rocket is the real winner though! Its robust and delicious.
Good luck with the parsley... I killed two pots of it. I dunno if I over watered or under watered though.

Joanna said...

So far no aphids or rabbits. And now that the air conditioning is on and the windows are closed, I doubt there will be any bugs. But I don't think plants like AC very much either.