Friday, 7 December 2007

Mo' money mo' problems

The Economist tackles the causes of the rise in food prices here:

"Increasing wealth in China and India... is stoking demand for meat in those countries, in turn boosting the demand for cereals to feed to animals. The use of grains for bread, tortillas and chapattis is linked to the growth of the world's population. It has been flat for decades, reflecting the slowing of population growth. But demand for meat is tied to economic growth and global GDP is now in its fifth successive year of expansion at a rate of 4%-plus."


Anonymous said...

you have to admit that economics are so exciting. and everything is about economics: food, sustainability, politics... i think you should write more about food economics on your blog. how people who eat lots of bread suffer from SUVs and others who eat more and more meat. how a good idea such as promoting bio fuels has bad consequences...and what are the remedies.

pia said...

i tagged you!
check out blog to figure it out...