Sunday, 3 February 2008

This is not a disposable chopstick

I'm all for re-usable shopping bags. Actually, I've been trying to work out if it's bad to get a plastic bag or two every week to re-use as garbage bags, because I've run out and don't see the point in buying bags for that purpose (any ideas welcome). I'm getting off topic though. The point is that though I am into reducing my waste, I must admit that I was a little skeptical when I started reading David Lebovitz's post about starting to carry your own re-usable chopsticks. Do itsy-bitsy chopsticks really have that big of an impact on the environment? Well, yes, it turns out. I've started doing some reading here and here and now I'm convinced. Henceforth I will carry my own reusable chopsticks.

It's not like they're going to break your back, is it?

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J said...

Is my hair an appropriate place to carry my chopsticks around with me?